11 Ways To Stop Work-Related Back Pain

  • 28 months ago
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11 Ways To Stop Work-Related Back Pain

Repeating certain movements, especially those that involve twisting or rotating the spine, can injure your back. Inactivity. An inactive or office job can contribute to back pain, especially if you have poor posture or if you sit in a chair with inadequate back support all day.

Here are ways you can avoid back pain at work:

1) Hold your head up

Hold your head up and not forward when you work. In the case of a PC, of ​​course, you will have a table to put it on, but in case you have a laptop and don't have a table in the house, put two pillows under your laptop. Good posture and keeping your head up throughout will help keep your spine straight and healthy.

2) Move your mouse close

Always keep the mouse near the keyboard. If the mouse is put somewhere on the side, you'll have to put an extra effort to reach there. Thus, putting pressure on the shoulder and the arm, or causing the wrist to bend unnaturally. Keep the mouse close to the edge of the keyboard to prevent it from stretching.

3) Be choosy with the chair

Find a comfortable chair. Don't put pressure on your thighs or toes, because your foot won't hit the ground. And, that can stretch your back. Choose chairs that can be adjusted in height so that you can do everything according to your comfort.

4) Breathe from your belly

With more oxygen in the body, you start being mindful, your spine starts getting more relaxed, and thus comes the ability to work harder. Start paying attention to the rising and falling of the abdomen. What you feel is your diaphragm trying to get air in and out of your lungs.

5) Sit within reach

The screen should be in front of you. We recommend placing the monitor arm so that the top of the monitor is approximately at eye level.

6) Watch your feet position

Sitting at a desk or study table for hours can be quite challenging and can lead to back pain and discomfort in the legs and feet. Make sure that the feet are placed flat on the floor. You may also use an ergonomic footrest.

In addition to the above, the following can help to avoid back pain at work:

  • Take breaks- They help you process and retain energy for upcoming chores
  • Stretch your shoulders- Move a bit between work to stay fit. Check out some exercises that can be done right at your work desk on Wellness TV.
  • Quit squinting and straining- Try attaching a different keyboard or monitor while working on a laptop
  • Avoid phone cradling- Use a headphone or earphones while speaking on a call.
  • Use an ergonomic mouse if possible- This comfortable mouse reduces fatigue and prevents common ailments such as mouse arm syndrome, carpal tunnel, and RSI.

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