4 Simple Steps To a Happier Life

  • 17 months ago
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4 Simple Steps To a Happier Life

Positivity is not just attained in a day or two. It takes a lot of practice and patience. Change the negative thought pattern into a positive one is beneficial for a positive mindset.


  1. Our brain can’t process negative words-  Our Conscious Mind can process the negative words but it’s the Subconscious Mind that makes most of our decisions without us realizing it. We struggle to change our habits or thought patterns when we tell ourselves negative phrases. We can use positively framed words that will help our Subconscious Mind to understand.
  2. Positive feelings about the future- Positive thinking helps to improve the overall happiness. Positive emotions encourage a person to plan ahead of time and think of things that they would like to do.
  3. Healthy you- Practicing positive thinking helps improves the emotional and physical health of the person.


  1. Build Your Environment: The environment that you build new habits in or even break the old ones has a huge impact on how successful you are. The environment includes the people, the words that we hear all day as well as our physical environment. Some suggestions to achieve it are:
  2. Hang out with people who want to develop similar habits
  3. Ask for help from the people around you for support
  4. Join a support group either in your community or online
  5. Read inspiring blogs and articles
  6. Have a habit partner
  7. Start Small, Then Build It Up: This way you focus more on building a habit rather than how much you result you see. You can start by taking note of one great moment at the end of the day. It can be in a word then a sentence or two. Starting small helps to integrate a practice into everyday life so that it becomes a habit.
  8. One Positive Moment Everyday: Notice the positive in each day. It increases positive thinking. Writing it down creates a better impact.
  9. Meditation- Meditation not only improves mindfulness and positive thinking but it also decreases illnesses and helps to reduce negative thinking pattern. One can start by meditating for just 2 minutes. After practicing for a few weeks, you can slowly be increasing your time.
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