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5 Amazing Things Your Body Does When You're Pregnant!

5 Amazing Things Your Body Does When You're Pregnant!

Your expanding belly and stretching skin are just two of the visible changes among the other amazing changes that occur during pregnancy.Your insides are metamorphosing, too.

Check out these five transformations:

•You grow an organ.
•Your estrogen level soars.
•Your metabolism increases.
•The mummy brain.
•Your body loosens up.

You grow an organ - The Miraculous Placenta: After conception, the fertilized egg meanders to the end of your fallopian tube and enters your uterus, searching for the uterine wall. If it successfully implants itself there, the placenta will begin to form at that very spot about a week later. By the end of the first trimester the egg will be 567g.

Your estrogen level soars: That spiffy new organ of yours, the placenta, churns out estrogen faster than pop popcorn. In fact, you produce more estrogen in 1 day when you're pregnant than you do in 3 years when you're not pregnant. And you'll make more in one pregnancy than you will during the rest of your non pregnant life. Production peaks right before birth.

Your metabolism increases: A surge of hormones such as human placental lactogen (HPL) changes the way your body processes energy, stores fat, and delivers nutrients to your baby.

The mummy brain: Your brain doesn't change but as your metabolism changes; your brain restructures the connections between cells, changing in preparation for motherhood. This is probably no surprise to those of you who've experienced "mummy brain," which is a kind of subtle forgetfulness that every pregnant woman experiences.

Your Body Loosens Up: Yes, you guessed it. During pregnancy, the busy placenta produces a hormone called relaxin that helps your whole body physically become a bit looser.

Being a mother is the best thing in a woman's life. Changes are many but they are amazing.....


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