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5 Ways To Reduce Oil Usage At Home

5 Ways To Reduce Oil Usage At Home

Some of us are so generous with oil while cooking, that we fail to understand how much is too much until our recent blood report shows an elevation of blood lipids. We all read about the health effects of excess oil consumption in the papers and the internet every single day, but hardly know how and where to reduce it's usage. Here are a few tips to consciously cut down the usage of oil while cooking.

1. Select cookware that makes you use less oil: Teflon pans and vessels which generally have the non-stick property, allows you to cook with lesser oil as compared to other vessels. It is a habit for us to simply add more oil if the food sticks to the pan. So, avoid doing this. It could cut down your oil consumption to a great extent.

2. Try a shot at grilling, baking and roasting: Your food could be very tasty if you grilled, baked or roasted it. They add a distinct flavour to your food. Try incorporating some herbs like parsley, rosemary or thyme to paneer, potatoes, chicken or fish and you will absolutely love the change!

3. Don't forget that food already has a certain amount of fat in it: Pay attention to the type of food you cook. Meat and milk products have a high content of fat, and so they actually don't need extra oil while cooking.

4. Use the broth: It is important to understand that oil is only a medium of cooking and it does add a certain amount of taste to you food. But, there are so many other healthier alternatives that can do the same. What about using vegetable, mushroom and low-salt chicken broth instead of extra oil to cook your food?

5. Put your microwave to use: Microwaving your food is a good way to cut down on the intake of oils. Cut some vegetables, add some water and cook it in the microwave for a few minutes. That's all you need for a healthy snack!

Isn't it simple? These are a few small practices you could incorporate into your kitchen routine. It could give you better results on your blood report!


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