5 'Eco-friendly' ways to beat stress

  • 66 Months ago
5 'Eco-friendly' ways to beat stress

Taking up a hobby is an age old idea of de-stressing and if you use it towards conserving nature, this activity can prove to be a boon for our environment too. Try these interesting ways of keeping yourself busy and do your bit towards making the earth a greener place.

  • Volunteer for an environment-friendly group. Gather information on the groups which work towards making the world a better place. Plant trees or care for community gardens or organic farms.
  • Set up a kitchen garden or renovate an open space in your locality. Gardening is found to be one of the best ways of keeping fit as well as being happy. Either start a kitchen garden or just work towards developing an abandoned park in your locality. It will be a great service to the community and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment as well.
  • Knit and sew. An electric sewing machine can leave a larger carbon print than the old vintage ones our grandmothers used. If you do not have an old treadle-run sewing machine, opt for hand stitching instead. You can repurpose old clothes too by adding your creativity to it or recycle by donating them charity.
  • Bike or hike. These two leisure activities are way more environment-friendly than chatting on mobile phones and going through endless newsfeeds on social media networks. Not only do you get to know your surroundings better, you also get to improve on your fitness.
  • Adopt an eco-friendly hobby. Make use of that abandoned backyard in your house and convert it into your happy hobby place. Pottery is one such option. It allows you to pick natural materials to work with, like mud and clay, considerably lowering the carbon print.

Living in nature and working towards its betterment is certainly the wisest stress-buster to adopt this year. Find ways to do your best towards caring for nature. It will make you happier too!