7 reasons why you might be living a mediocre life

  • 16 months ago
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7 reasons why you might be living a mediocre life

Most people are in love with how the idea looks, and not in the actions that are required to make them come true

If it takes up too much time and requires sacrifice, most people won’t even make an attempt and they’ll even go out of their way to justify it by creating excuses. People will trick themselves into believing their own excuses.

Here are 7 reasons which show you might be living with a mediocre life:

1. Maybe you’re afraid to stand out

Humans are bound by habits and rarely like to step outside of what is comfortable. No one wants to be the odd one out. But the only way to be noticed is to be peculiarly different, and most people are scared to be themselves in fear of what others will say.

2. Maybe you’re just flat out lazy

If you can see yourself crossing the finish line, you are already halfway there…all you need to do now is take the necessary actions to get there. But maybe you are too lazy to start off with.

3. Maybe you fear what your family and friends may think

Most dreams are extinguished before they even get started because most people are fearful of what others may think and say about them. It’s normal to seek the support and validation of the ones closest to you, but when you have a vision that only you can see, you have to learn how to develop a thick skin and selective hearing.

4. Maybe you lack imagination

The most detrimental thing any of us has ever been told is to be realistic. Ideas that change the world are not “realistic”, they are revolutionary and they are ideas that the world has never seen before, hence the overwhelming impact of the idea to a point where the world has no choice but to change.

5. Maybe you’re afraid of failure

We all would love to get it right on the first try, whatever it is that we are working toward, but failure is a key part of the process. This part of the process isn’t where we give up and go with something safe, failure is where we get all the answers to the test.

6. Maybe you want it that bad

People will fight tooth and nail for something that they really want. The difference between successful people and people who settle is this… successful people never quit.

7. Maybe you have toxic associates

We are the total sum of the individuals that we spend the most amount of time with. Energy is contagious, whether it be positive or negative. Hence don’t limit yourself to certain people.

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