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8 Surprising Triggers That Can Make You Feel Low

8 Surprising Triggers That Can Make You Feel Low

People feel low because of many things. For some people the problem becomes so bad that it affects their normal life. Have you ever thought that simple things like missing breakfast, consuming large amount of food, not getting enough sleep and many other lifestyle habits can make you feel low? Mentioned below are some of the reasons which affect your emotional health:

  1. Skipping breakfast - When you miss breakfast the blood sugar level drops dramatically. This not only causes the metabolic rate to drop, but creates cravings for very high energy foods. Finally you end up making choices for high calorie, fatty and sweet foods.


  1. Not getting enough sleep - For the body and brain to peak their performance, you need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. But in this busy world, you hardly get 5-6 hours of sleep a day, this makes you feel anxious the next day and creates mental block to work and other activities.


  1. Insufficient intake of fruits and veggies - There are many studies that have shown that the low intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can make you feel low. So, increase the intake of these foods, get the lots of fiber and anti oxidants and to elevate your mood.


  1. Cutting down on your exercise - If you agree with me, you will definitely make time to work out to boost your mood. Since your lifestyle is sedentary, it is essential you break the monotony and move around to up your metabolic rate.


  1. Poor sex life - Well, for the relationship to have a healthy bonding, sexual interaction is a must. This will make your life meaningful and add pleasure.


  1. Hidden calories - Sometimes you don't realize what foods you are eating. Thinking it to be healthy, you end up eating high calorie foods that in turn add to your daily calories. This can make you feel low and anxious.


  1. Not eating enough - Studies have shown that physiological changes are known to negatively affect mood of an individual, which in turn reduces the appetite. It's essential to keep fuelling your body if you want to prevent the blood sugar level from dropping too low. Meal spacing is important with healthy choice of foods.


  1. Stress - If your stress levels are too high, you need to fight back for your body to function normally. Try to think about good things when you feel low, else it can make you depressed and reduce your immune health.
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