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ADHD Looks Different In Adults

ADHD Looks Different In Adults

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) looks different in adults than it does in kids. When people hear "ADHD," they think of hyperactivity and difficulty focusing. But with adults, you might be surprised to know the different ways that ADHD manifests in adult life.

Here are few behaviors that you can observe:

You can't relax: A certain amount of restlessness is common for most people. But for people with ADHD, it's a constant, nagging, disruptive occurrence in daily life. If you had ADHD as a child, this feeling may have manifested as excess energy. As an adult, it may manifest as a constantly edgy, can't-relax feeling.

Procrastination is your default mode: If you have trouble recalling a time when you got ahead of the curve on something that may be very telling. For people with ADHD, procrastination is their default mode. They need the stress and anxiety of mounting pressures and deadlines to actually sit down and focus.

You are easily frustrated: People with ADHD tend to be irritable and are easily frustrated. They may have frequent fits of anger. That's because people with ADHD feel more anxiety and stress from the demands of daily life. And that anxiety often finds an outlet, such as irritability and anger.

You get nothing done: Is your laundry always in piles? Are your bills often late? Do you have a long string of home improvement projects in various states of undone? People with ADHD find it difficult to finish tasks. Or even start them. As a result, their financial lives, work lives, and home lives can feel messy.

You are impulsive: You might not take time to consider things carefully when you have ADHD. And that impulsive attitude can lead to lots of crazy decisions -- both good and bad. Example: You might march into your boss's office and demand and get a raise. But you're just as likely to abruptly quit your job in a moment of frustration, without thinking things through.

Your mind wanders: Whether it's a lecture, a movie, a phone interview or a conversation with a friend, you'll find it hard to concentrate on it when you have ADHD. This can have some pretty obvious and unfortunate repercussions at work and in your personal life. You may miss important details during work meetings and your partner may feel like you're not listening.

You don't know where anything is: Organization? Not your strong suit if you have ADHD. Your desk tends to be a mountain of papers. Your bills are scattered here and there. Your office is lined with cluttered shelves. Your kitchen hasn't been cleaned out in years. Your closets have no rhyme or reason. And you can't count how many times you've been late because you couldn't find your cell phone or your keys.

There are always ways to handle by staying organized and happy. There is always a solution for the problems.


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