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All about Dill

All about Dill

The tangy flavour of fresh dill leaves in salad dressings and pickles is something we relish, but little do we know about its health advantages. Here are a few listed out for you.

• A rich source of calcium helps strengthen bones and prevents bone loss. A regular consumption of dill is known to prevent osteoporosis.
• Because of the anti-bacterial properties of dill, it is used to fight against infections. In ancient days, dill seeds were used to heal wounds.
• The anti-oxidant property of dill helps eliminate free radicals from our body thereby keeping cancer, heart diseases and other ailments away.
• Dill has digestive benefits as it helps regulate stomach acids thereby, reducing acid reflux. It also helps sooth stomach upset, diarrhoea and gastritis.
• The essential oils in dill leaves have a calming effect on the body and hence, used in chamomile tea. Because of its calming effect, it helps fight insomnia.
• The presence of vitamins like pyridoxine and niacin along with fibre helps control blood glucose levels and cholesterol.
• Dill is a rich source of essential minerals like copper, zinc, potassium and magnesium that are essential for body function regulation, growth and development, sperm generation, controlling blood pressure, body fluids and heart rate.
• Dill also helps in controlling respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, influenza and common cold.
• Dill proves to be a boon to nursing mothers as it increases the quantity of breast milk.
• Consumption of dill increases haemoglobin and subsequently reduces oligomenorrhoea.
• In postnatal mothers, it prevents early ovulation there by acts as a good natural contraceptive.

Dill belongs to the cilantro family and is available in fresh or dried form throughout the year. Incorporate it in your daily diet and make yourselves healthier.


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