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Anxiety Over Wife's Health

Anxiety Over Wife's Health

Childbirth is such a nerve-racking experience! With today's progress in science, childbirth may not be of much harm to the baby or your partner. But it's normal to be anxious and worried about your wife's health, that may fluctuate to a large extent from conception to labor.

Here are a few changes in your wife's ways that could get you anxious:

1.Change in her emotions may make you wonder if something is going wrong. Don't worry, you stay balanced and patient.

2.Swelling on her face and toes can be your concern. Do not worry, as it is a very common problem that most pregnant women face. Help her with a massage to make her feel good.

3.Sex during pregnancy may be less frequent. You will be worried that sex during pregnancy could hurt your beloved or your baby. You may be worried about her pain too. Take advice from the doctor to know more about it.

4.Keep a track on her medicines and make sure she is consuming her medicines in time in the right dosage.

5.It's completely understood that you see her morning sickness and you may get tensed about the way she is nauseated. Go along with her, help her feel well. Keep her relaxed.

6.You may be worried that she may over do her exercise. She will usually not. But you may also exercise along with her to support her.

7.Skin changes such as acne or spider veins on the face and varicose veins on the legs can occur. Don't be worried about it as she will already be depressed about her changing looks. Just keep her reassured at all times.

8.Your wife may be worried about her changing roles, from being in the workplace, a wife, a single person, to becoming a mother and a caregiver. Give her strength and confidence.

All these are temporary; you and your wife will be back to your normal routine very soon.


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