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Apricot And Fig Puree For Your Infant

Apricot And Fig Puree For Your Infant

Apricot and fig puree, thinned down with milk, is a good combination rich in vitamin A and fibre. Milk adds calcium which is required for the healthy development of your baby's bones.

Preparation Time: 7 to 8 mins.
Cooking Time: Nil.
Serving :1 (makes 1/2 cup)


•2 dried apricots (kuumani/jardalu)
•2 dried figs (anjeer)
•1/4 cup milk


1.Soak the apricots and figs in lukewarm water for about half an hour. Drain both the apricots and figs and deseed the apricots.
2.Add milk to it and liquidize in a blender to make a smooth purée.
3.Strain to remove the seeds of the figs. Serve immediately.

Nutritive value for 1 serving

•Energy: 76Kcal
•Protein: 2.2g
•Carbohydrate: 7.7g
•Fat: 3.0g
•Vitamin A: 98.2mcg
•Vitamin C: 1.3mg
•Calcium: 112.3mg
•Iron: 0.5g
•Folic Acid: 2.5mcg
•Fibre: 0.5g



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