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Are You Stressed Out?

Are You Stressed Out?

In a person's life, stress is unfortunately very common. The combined pressures of work, family, finances and other challenges are sometimes more than individuals can rationally deal with. This has many negative consequences on your health and well-being. Rather than turning to unhealthy habits such as alcohol or nicotine to cope with stress, educate yourself about healthy stress relievers.
Exercise: It helps your body burn off excess adrenaline and channels the energy stress creates into a healthy venue. Schedule a time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Join a gym, or find friends to walk or cycle with.
Hobbies: Find things you enjoy doing, and schedule them into your day. Activities that encourage you to be creative tend to be more relaxing. It helps you work out of your stress and frustration. Gardening, woodwork, knitting and painting are all fantastic hobbies. Avoid activities that can foster unhealthy habits such as video games.
Time for yourself: Although there's always one more thing to do, it's important to schedule time for yourself. Go for a relaxing walk in a park. Curl up and read a fun book.
Atmosphere: Avoid bringing the rushed, noisy world into your life. Try switching off the TV, and choose soothing, quiet music. Create a suitable ambience.
Friends: Although friends can sometimes be a source of stress, the right ones can also often be a wonderful way to relieve stress. Take advantage of the support and encouragement friends can bring.
Sleep: The simple act of getting adequate rest is a fantastic way to relieve stress. Make sure your schedule fits in proper sleep time.
Learn to say no: It is difficult, but it's one of the most helpful ways of relieving stress. Rather than accepting unnecessary burdens, develop the habit of first assessing whether this is an activity or duty that will add to your stress. When setting limits with friends, family or employers, be polite but firm.
De-stressing is an important aspect of maintaining good health. Don't neglect, start now!

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