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Are you obsessed with exercise?

Are you obsessed with exercise?

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle but some people take it way too seriously and get addicted to it. Exercise addicts end up stressing their body out through intense workouts and miss out on important things in life. Such a compulsive behavior can create physical, psychological and social havoc and needs to be corrected to prevent adverse effects on health. The following warning signs will tell you if you are addicted to exercise:

  • You exercise for long periods. You require just 30 to 45 minutes of exercise to keep yourself healthy but you still prefer exercising for two to three hours daily.
  • Exercise is the number one priority for you. If you work out on holidays, instead of spending time with your family, it is a definite sign of addiction.
  • You exercise till you are exhausted. Your body tells you it is tired and you need to stop but you continue exercising till you can no longer go ahead with it and are left irritated and agitated.
  • You exercise through Injuries. You have injured yourself during a workout, but instead of allowing your body to heal, you still continue to do intense workouts.
  • You dream to have six-pack abs: If you are more concerned about getting a six-pack from your exercise routine rather than good health, there is high possibility of you being addicted to exercise.

Too much exercise will do more harm to the body than good. Therefore, it is important to identify these warning signs and seek help in time.

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