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Avoid Weight Gain In Winter

Avoid Weight Gain In Winter

In the cold months, hot samosas, vadas, pakodas and kachoris are some of the most tempting foods.  These foods also result in weight and waist gain.  If you wish to avoid weight gain in winter, practice the following -

  1. Balanced diet is important even in winter, if you want to avoid weight gain.  Eat hot or warm meals as far as possible.
  2. Have warm soups or stews (low fat varieties) in between meals if you feel hungry.
  3. Drink hot green tea or hot lemon tea or herbal tea (with less / no sugar) during break time.
  4. Use spices like ginger, garlic and pepper that give a little extra warmth.
  5. Roasted nuts, hot boiled corn, grilled sandwich or hot idli can make good snacks in the evening.
  6. Walk, jog, run or hit the gym to increase your body temperature and metabolism.  This will also burn off extra calories. 

Keep yourself warm and healthy in winter!

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4 Months ago