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Baby care

Baby care

Congratulations - for the baby's arrival! It is important for every parent to know the basics of baby care. Read through the article to know a few basics as you have just begun the journey of bringing up your new born.

  • The best gift for your little one is,"Colostrum", the first milk of the mother. It is very important for new born babies as it is full of antibodies, leukocytes and immunoglobulins and protects them from infections and also has a laxative effect to get rid of meconium (tarry first stools).
  • Time to understand your baby! Babies can cry when in need of food or in need of comfort or if needed to be warm or needs rest or needs to be held or just cry for no reason! Try soothing your baby by wrapping her up tight or giving her a massage, or rock her gently or let her suck on something.
  • Do not forget to immunize your baby. Contact your Doctor and set a reminder.
  • A wonderful way to bond with your little one is by giving her a bath. Maintain good grip, talk to her and maintain eye contact so that both of you enjoy the bath. In a few cases, mothers start bonding with their kid once they come out of the pain that they underwent during child birth and the babies will develop an attachment once they count on their caretakers.
  • New borns sleep for approx 15-17 hours a day. So it is equally important to establish good sleep patterns in him by following a consistent nap routine. Put him down on his back to sleep. Cotton sheets/quilts are preferred to wrap him up in bed and set the temperature right. Feel his stomach to observe for any temperature difference and accordingly change his blanket.
  • Your little one has to undergo a New Born Screening test to get a clean chit for any congenital disorders within 72 hours of birth.

So, make sure you prepare yourself well to welcome the new member.

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