Be Friends With Your Lower Back

  • 123 Months ago
Be Friends With Your Lower Back

Low back pain is becoming a common health problem in Indians, particularly in desk-bound individuals.  It might be caused by an injury or arthritis or infection or just a wrong bend.  Whatever the cause may be, low back pain can be debilitating and keep you away from your work for a day, a week or sometimes even a month.

Some simple ways to prevent low back pain are listed here.

  • Mind your posture.  Don't slump while sitting or hunch while standing.  Alternate between sitting and standing so that there's some movement for your back.
  • Bend correctly.  Don't bend forward from your waist, unless you can do it right (like in yogasana).  Bend at your knee if you want to pick something up from a low level or put something down.
  • Avoid high heeled shoes and slippers.  Majority of the women who constantly wear high heels complain of back pain.
  • Watch your weight and waistline.  Keep them within normal limits.  Excess body weight or a large waistline puts pressure on your lower back.
  • Quit smoking.  Smoking can deplete calcium from your bones, including back bone and make it vulnerable to fractures.
  • Use a comfortable chair, bed, mattress and work-desk.
  • Exercise.  I cannot emphasise enough about the importance of exercise for back health.  Yoga, tai-chi, pilates and swimming are excellent exercises for your back.

In spite of taking precautions you might still get back pain. Visit your doctor if your back pain doesn't go away even after resting it.