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Be Wary Of This Fat

Be Wary Of This Fat

If you thought saturated fat was bad for your heart, here's some news for you.  Research scientists no longer blame saturated fats for heart disease.  After several years of shunning saturated fats from the diet plans, they are slowly making a comeback. 

The real fat culprit to be wary of is TRANS FATS.  Trans fats that are formed when a vegetable oil undergoes hydrogenation to make it solid, is more of an enemy to your heart than other natural fats and oils.  Vanaspati and margarine are 2 examples of hydrogenation.  Many ready to eat foods from namkeens to noodles contain trans fats in the form of hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fat.  Read labels and you will know. 

Studies say that trans fats harm the arteries much faster than saturated fats.  Although saturated and unsaturated fats may not seem as bad as trans fats, they also have their negative effects on health when taken in large quantities.  So be careful of the quantity and the type of fat in your diet. 

Make a smart choice when it comes to fats!

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5 Months ago