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Being Happy at Work

Being Happy  at Work

Nowadays work has become more stressful with constrained deadlines, ongoing discussions, increasing competition and much more.

One can try out a few things that can help to feel less stressed and happier at work:

  • Take a break to listen to something interesting - Jokes, mimicry, songs that make you laugh and feel refreshed.
  • Play team building games to establish a good rapport with your team.
  • Invite colleagues home once a while for dinner.
  • Try learning something new – a new language or a new game.
  • Solve crosswords, quiz or Sudoku.
  • Stay fit, go to the gym, or spend some time doing aerobics. Also read health magazines.
  • Keep attractive motivational posters that can encourage you. You can change the poster once in a fortnight or on a monthly basis.
  • Extend help to your team mates to solve problems.
  • Be kind and warm.
  • Keep your desk neat and tidy.
  • Make sure you smile generously.

Practicing these few things regularly can make life easy at work. So, get going.

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4 Months ago