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Belly Dance your way to fitness

Belly Dance your way to fitness

Belly dance or Raks Sharqi originated from the Middle East and is seen everywhere today. It is gaining more and more popularity by the day. So what exactly is belly dance? It is basically a torso-driven dance form which emphasizes on the movements of the hips. It focuses on natural and relaxed movements of the torso muscles rather than movements of the limbs through space.

The different movements of the hips utilize the muscles of abdomen, pelvis, spine, trunk and neck. This has a lot of benefits which is not found in other dance forms.

Improved posture: The repetitive hip movements helps increase the flow of synovial fluid to the joints in the back. This prevents lower back problems and releases stress from the back. The movements also tone the muscles in the back and help in maintaining good posture.

Helps in childbirth: Belly dance is found to be an excellent prenatal exercise that strengthens the muscles used during childbirth.

Aids in digestion: Since belly dancing involves movement of the abdominal muscles, these muscles tend to work well and efficiently. This makes digestion easy.

Less intense menstrual cramps: It improves blood circulation to the pelvic region and strengthens the muscles which in turn, help to release cramps over time.
Apart from these, belly dancing has the benefits which all other dance forms have which include weight loss, grace, confidence, muscle toning etc.

There is no doubt that belly dancing could become the perfect workout routine for women. So, include this in your exercise regiment and see the difference!


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