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Belly Fat? Who is the Culprit?

Belly Fat? Who is the Culprit?

People always ask me to suggest exercises to lose weight in the stomach area. They also ask me to list out foods that they should avoid, so their tummy size doesn’t keep increasing. To state the facts, there is no specific exercise to lose the weight on your stomach, and there is no specific food that needs to be avoided. However, here is a list of calorie rich foods that can cause your waistline to keep increasing and this is the list you will have to watch!


  • Beer: A big paunch is nicknamed "beer belly" not without reason. Regular beer drinkers will find their bellies leading them in no time. Beer is a favorite evening beverage for most men and women. However, a growing waistline could put one at risk to develop heart disease, diabetes, stroke, as well as some types of cancer.


  • Potato Chips: Just 15 chips will give you 160 calories, and everyone knows that one whole giant-sized bag of potato chips can vanish in no time! And since these chips are stocked in an easily-accessible way in shops and supermarkets, it becomes a convenience buy too. This is the best time-pass snack anyone can think of.


  • French Fries: Another common and popular pastime happens to be binging on French fries. Who can resist fries dipped in a variety of sauces! However, potatoes provide extra starch, and frying these potatoes will only increase their trans-fat content, making the person susceptible to a variety of cardiac problems.


  • Aerated Drinks: We tend to down sodas and other aerated drinks, may be because they go well with alcoholic drinks or it sort of becomes a compulsion with those evening nibbles and stomach-filling snacks. These also make for good refreshment before meetings and presentations, or for just chilling the throat now and then.


  • Giant Burgers: When it comes to burgers, the bigger the better, right? TV ads of McDonald's and KFC make you believe so. These ads do attract us to the giant-sized burgers, loaded with cheese slices, fried potatoes, and mayonnaise. The freshness and goodness of fresh lettuce just drowns in these other flavors! To make it worse, these foods make you crave for aerated drinks, further increasing your calorie intake.


  • Coffee/Tea: With unlimited tea and coffee available in offices through coffee vending machines, most of us have gotten into the habit of consuming a number of cups of coffee and tea. This carries the risk of consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine as well as sugar, which could result in weight gain.


  • Pizza: How about some pizza to accompany your beer? Wow! What else could one ask for? These cheese-topped yummy delicacies could be your favorite choice for business lunches, light outings with friends and family, or to eat while your favorite cricket or soccer match is going on. However, you should be aware that pizzas are made of refined flour and when topped with cheese, could become a deadly combination for your belly.


Belly fat is always dangerous. It’s the number one indicator of bad health. Kepp a watch on this, and you will be safe!

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