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Benefits of having siblings

Benefits of having siblings

Pregnancy and labor are very tedious, and motherhood, is an overwhelming feeling but is definitely difficult. Many of us would like to settle in for one child but as you get used to the responsibility of one child you tend to think of having another.

Studies reveal that siblings help each other to be more optimistic, trustworthy and conscientious as individuals.
Having a sibling for your child has its own advantages.

• Children with a sister or a brother tend to be more interactive at home and with friends. They express their emotions and feelings in a better way.
• Children learn faster looking at their siblings.
• They develop the concept of sharing and are found to be less jealous as compared to a single child.
• They are more loving towards each other and develop an attitude for responsibilities much earlier in life than a single child.
• Learning from each other's mistakes and working as a team while playing helps them to be more successful during their growing up years.
• They tend to be better leaders as they would have had the experience of taking care of a younger sibling from their childhood.
• Children who have siblings share their emotions and ask for solutions, and hence, are less likely to get depressed.
• They are built-in play mates.
• A child with a sibling is the perfect antidote to loneliness.

By growing up with brothers and sisters, your child creates countless memories that bring them close to each other and probably make them best friends, especially as he enters adulthood.


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