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Boost Your Daily Health With Barley!

Boost Your Daily Health With Barley!

This unique wonder grain is filled with significant number of benefits. The magic ingredient of barley, ‘beta- glucan' contributes to the maximum health benefits this grain can offer you.

Barley is a boon to health
• Beta- glucan in barley is known to reduce cholesterol.
• Its high content of insoluble fiber helps in flushing out intestinal wastes efficiently. It serves as a great cure for intestinal problems like constipation. It also promotes the buildup of healthy bacteria in the intestines.
• Barley water being a natural diuretic, improves kidney functioning and also helps in reducing water retention.
• Barley can prevent arthritis and rheumatic problems if consumed regularly.

A glass of barley water every day can boost your daily health.

Include barley in your daily diet.

Your daily health drink: Boil 1 table spoon of barley seeds that have been soaked overnight in 200ml of water for 5 minutes. To make it tasty, add fresh lemon or orange juice.
As a secret health ingredient: You can add boiled barley seeds to your salads, in soups and your daily vegetable gravies.

The multiple nutrients of the whole grain barley, can be your best bet for a healthy choice

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