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Break free from your smartphone!

Break free from your smartphone!

Are you addicted to your smartphone? It's easy to become a prisoner to your smart phone. Experts suggest that too much attention to technology can leave you feeling drained and unable to concentrate.

If you think you may be obsessed with your smartphone, here are a few tips to break free from the chains (Relaxnews):

• Turn off your phone while you're in the movie theatre or consider leaving your phone in the car when spending time with friends
• Dine without your phone nearby and don't leave it on the table
• Turn off your phone when you're doing work
• Resist the urge to tweet or update a Facebook status while at work
• Go for a walk, whether it is with your partner, child or pet, and leave the phone at home
• Trade in mobile games for a game with others in person
• Be conscious of the situations and emotions that make you want to check your phone
• Invest your time in important activities, there are many rewarding things to do than fiddling with a smart phone

Smartphones are useful and needed in our daily lives to keep in touch with friends and family. But do not let it consume you. Take time to enjoy things that the smartphone has made you overlook!

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5 Months ago