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Busting the Myths about Grey Hair

Busting the Myths about Grey Hair

The actual physiological process of grey hair involves the loss of pigment cells that produce melanin responsible for hair color, making them look silver, grey, or white. There are many reasons as to why someone's hair turns grey, from age to stress to dyeing to everything in between. However, not all of these reasons are true. Lets rundown through some of them:

Stress Turns your Hair Grey:
No- once the hair color is produced by the follicles it can't actually change, so it cannot just turn grey with stress. Once the hair strand grows out, it stays the same color. However hair follicles begin producing less color as they age, so they might look a little lighter as you get older; but they never change colors.

Plucking One Grey Hair causes more to Grow Out:
No- our body don't just add the number of follicles, and pulling out a grey hair will certainly not cause more grey hair. However it has been found that sometimes due to some undetermined reason one can have more than one hair growing from the same follicle.

Graying of Hair is in the Genes:
Yes- if your parents or grandparents went through early graying then, chances of you graying early are high. Ethnicity also plays a role in determining how early you begin to gray. It has been observed that Caucasian people tend to grey faster and earlier than Asians and blacks.

Hair Color Turns your Hair Grey:
No- Not unless you purposely dye your hair grey. Your hair will always grow back in its natural color whether it's grey, black, brown, or blonde.

Smoking causes you to Grey Faster:
Yes- studies suggest that smoking can start graying you're hair even before the age of 30.


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