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Can You Avoid A Hangover?

Can You Avoid A Hangover?

The party season is here and hangovers are very common. Here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid having a hangover:

• Avoid having alcohol on an empty stomach. Food soaks up the alcohol in your stomach and slows down its absorption.
• Drink plenty of water along with the drinks. This will keep you hydrated, dilutes your drink and reduces the amount of alcohol that you have.
• Avoid drinking more than 2 types of alcohol. Avoid cocktails since they have more than 2 types of alcohol.
• Avoid dark coloured drinks. They worsen your hangover. Have light coloured drinks.
• Strike up a conversation with someone while you are drinking. This will keep you busy, engaged and will prevent you from drinking too much.
• Drink in moderation and know your limits.
• Have high fat foods like nuts, oily fish, cheese etc before having alcohol.

Drink sensibly and enjoy your party!


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