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Celebrate A Stress-Free Christmas!

Celebrate A Stress-Free Christmas!

Christmas is a time to enjoy with your loved ones, but at times it can be overwhelming and stressful as there are a lot of responsibilities that come along the festive season. 

So, here is a list of ways you can follow to celebrate a calm and peaceful festival:

1. Discuss: Discuss plans with your family members. Consider their ideas and wishes for the day.

2. Make a list: Christmas shopping can get very strenuous and confusing. Make a list of all the things that you need and check the list frequently to make sure you have everything.

3. Have a time table: Plan all the tasks and activities carefully so that they do not overlap.

4. Share your tasks amongst family members: Long hours of working can leave you feeling tired and lose patience. So, share your tasks so that one person is not loaded with all the work. 

5. Resolve conflicts: Get together with family and friends with whom you have had conflicts. Talk and clarify everything out to spend the festival happily together.

6. Stick to the tried and tested: A special gathering is not a time for experimenting with a new recipe. Just do what you know how to do, and you can do it well.

7. Keep children updated: Children are especially cranky during festivals. They are over-excited about the celebrations and would want to know everything. Keep them updated and give them small jobs to do which will make them feel a part of the celebrations, making them less cranky.

8. Use the 30-minute rule: Dont try to do too much work in too little time. Cross off anything on your household preparation list that will take more than half an hour to complete. The goal is to decorate your house a little, not to turn it into a showroom.

9. Have some fun: Don’t worry if you forget some items on your to- do list. Keep all your worries aside and enjoy with your loved ones as you decorate your Christmas tree or bake those delicious festive cookies.

10. Don't over - drink: Yes, festivals are for celebrations. But don't lose yourself by drinking too much and getting hungover.

Beat the stress by following the above mentioned points and have a Merry Christmas!

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