Celebrate An Environment Friendly Diwali

  • 96 Months ago
Celebrate An Environment Friendly Diwali

Diwali, the moonless night, signifies the end of the darkness of ignorance and illuminates the light of enlightenment. Diwali is a beautiful festival of lights, family get-to-gethers and not to forget, the yummy sweets and food that this festival brings in...

This article is to bring in awareness about celebrating an ‘environment friendly diwali'.
What is celebration? Isn't it an occasion to spread joy, love and happiness to all? But did you know what these crackers do to the rest of the environment just to satisfy your momentous joy? The smoke and loud noise of crackers disturbs the balance of mother earth. Fire crackers add intense pollution into the environment and you breathe in the same air. The high intensity of noise created by crackers cause immense distress to birds and animals. Sick, ailing and elderly people are frightful of diwali crackers. When Diwali is called the "festival of lights", lets us spread the light of joy and happiness in our surroundings

Say ‘No' to fire crackers and ‘Yes' to life: Did you know? The crackers we burst involves labor of hundreds of children behind the scenes. The substances handled are extremely toxic and release poisonous gases leading to the death of many child laborers.
Let us get back to the traditional system of celebrating diwali which includes, decorating and lighting up the house with candles, earthen lamps, rituals, organizing small get- to-gethers with family and friends, and exchanging of gifts. This is the idea of celebrating and spreading the joy of light and love. It's about time we turned down the intensity of celebrating this festival with crackers and play our part in controlling pollution to the environment.
Let us make diwali special by:
• Giving our house a new look or do something new.
• Shop for some goodies
• Making a new healthy resolution.
• Make it a special day for the family.
• Do your bit of charity.
• Say a ‘big NO' to fire crackers.

Let us celebrate Diwali in our own unique way with an explosion of joy andlove instead of noisy crackers! Tell us what different you will do this diwali.