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Cervicitis is an inflammation of the cervix, the lower, narrow end of your uterus that opens into the vagina. This condition is often caused by sexually transmitted infection such as Chlamydia or gonorrhoea. But, Cervicitis can develop from non-infectious sources too. In some cases, Cervicitis seem to arise because of a reaction to some foreign body such as a contraceptive cap and it may also occur as an allergic reaction to chemicals present in spermicidal gels or the latex of a condom. Cervicitis is quite common, affecting more than half of all women at some point during their adult life.

The symptoms of Cervicitis include:

• A large amount of vaginal discharge that's yellow or greyish with an unpleasant odour
• Painful urination
• Pressure or heaviness in the pelvis
• Pain during intercourse
• Vaginal bleeding between menstrual periods or after menopause

It is possible to have Cervicitis and not experience any signs or symptoms. There are ways to reduce your risk of developing Cervicitis such as:

• Abstaining from sexual intercourse with multiple partners will protect you from Cervicitis caused by an STI
• Avoiding chemical solutions such as scented tampons can also reduce your risk of an allergic reaction

Contact your doctor if you have persistent vaginal discharge, non-menstrual vaginal bleeding or experience pain during intercourse!

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