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Child Disintegrative Disorder (Heller's syndrome)

Child Disintegrative Disorder (Heller's syndrome)

This is a condition which children develop normally through the age 3 or 4. Over a few months, children lose social, motor, language as well as other skills that they have already learned. The cause of this disorder is unknown and there is no sufficient research on this rare disorder to determine a cause. The condition is similar to autism.

The signs and symptoms of this disorder include:

• Child shows a loss of interest in variety of games and activities
• There is a dramatic decline in the child's ability to walk, climb, grasp objects and perform other movements
• Failure to control bowel or bladder movements
• The child has difficulty relating to and interacting with others
• A severe decline in the child's ability to speak or have a conversation

The most important sign of this disorder is the loss of developmental milestones. The diagnosis is made if the child has lost function in at least two areas of development. Treatment for this disorder involves both behaviour therapy and medications.

When to see a doctor?

If your child has unexpectedly lost previously acquired social, play, motor, language or self help skills such as toilet training, contact your doctor immediately.

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