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Choose Your Thirst Quencher Smartly!

Choose Your Thirst Quencher Smartly!

If you are on your way to losing weight, then be careful about choosing the right drink to quench your thirst. Most of us reach out instantly for a bottle of a cool drink or sometimes even an ice-cream.

Your choices can play havoc with your daily calorie intake and can increase your waist line if you do not be careful about your choices.

Soft drinks have become popular beverages to cool and refresh yourself in the hot summer. It sizzles and gives a powerful punch to your taste buds. But the major concern of these beverages is its high sugar content. They just give you empty calories without any nutrition. You do not get any proteins, vitamin or minerals from these drinks. And most of the flavours are artificial.

Apart from these carbonated beverages, iced teas, cold coffees and ice creams are other choices. But these too give you a calorie punch. So why not try some desi and healthy coolers like these:

• Buttermilk/Chaas
• Jaljeera
• Seasonal fruit juices
• Nimbu Paani
• Aam panna
• Nannari
• Sattu cola
• Bel juice

Every state has its own regional ‘desi cooler'. So opt for those drinks which are healthier when compared to those branded cool drinks with empty calories.

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