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1977 Coloured-sweat

Coloured sweat?

Coloured sweat?

Chromhidrosis, is a rare condition that is characterised by the secretion of coloured sweat. This condition is caused by higher than normal deposition of lipofuscin in the sweat glands. Our bodies have two types of sweat glands: eccrine glands that are located all over the body which secrete an odourless sweat to regulate our body temperature and apocrine glands that are located in our underarms, areolas, genitals and faces that secret a milky sweat that can have odour when bacteria is in contact with it. Chromhidrosis affects the apocrine glands, which is mainly on the face and underarms.

People have reported cases of red, blue, green, yellow and black sweat. Though this condition is rare, it's commonly seen in African Americans and facial Chromhidrosis has been found only in Caucasians. A person usually reports a sensation of warmness or itchiness that occurs after physical exertion or emotional stress.

Treatment options for Chromhidrosis is limited. Some forms of treatment include application of Capsaicin cream as well as prolonged relief may be provided by Bontulinum toxin treatment. Though these treatment paths are used, the exact function still requires research and careful microbiological elucidation.



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