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1340 Common-Breastfeeding-Myths

Common Breastfeeding Myths

Common Breastfeeding Myths

Many breastfeeding myths can discourage some women from nursing their babies. If you have any questions about the myths and realities of breastfeeding, ask your doctor. Here are a few common breastfeeding myths.

Myth #1: Breastfed babies are more dependent and clingy.
Babies become more independent when they are developmentally ready, and it doesn't matter if they are breast or bottlefed.

Myth #2: Breastfeeding leads to saggy boobs.
Saggy boobs are due to genetics, age and gravity, not breastfeeding.

Myth #3: If your baby feeds a lot that means your breasts aren't producing enough milk.
Not true...breast milk is easier to digest than formula, so that's why breastfed babies need to eat more often (every 2-3 hours).

Myth #4: Don't give your breastfed baby an occasional bottle or they'll stop eating out of confusion.
Suckling the breast and sucking the nipple are two different things to infants. They won't get confused. You can introduce an occasional bottle as a supplement to breastfeeding once your baby reaches 2-3 weeks of age.

Myth #5: Breastfeeding stops you from getting pregnant.
Though the hormones involved in breastfeeding can prevent ovulation - it's not a 100% guaranteed form of birth control. If you don't want to get pregnant right away, use a condom or ask your doctor for low-dose birth control pills.


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