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4246 Conduct-Disorder

Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder

"This is a group of emotional and behavioural problems that usually begins during childhood or teenage years. Individuals with this disorder have a long-term and continual pattern of behaviour that breach the rights of others or goes against what is considered normal by society for their age group." Environmental, genetic, psychological and social factors contribute to the development of conduct disorder.

The symptoms of conduct disorder include:

• Violation of rules
• Destructive conduct
• Aggressive conduct
• Fraudulent behaviour
• Heavy drinking or heavy drug abuse

This disorder is often linked to attention-deficit disorder and can be an early sign of depression or bipolar disorder and usually occurs in children and teens.

When to see a doctor?

Contact your doctor if your child:

• Has mood swings
• Is overly aggressive
• Is being victimized
• Is bullying others or cruel to animals
• Regularly gets into trouble

Note: The sooner the treatment for conduct disorder is started, the more likely your child will learn adaptive behaviours thus, avoiding potential complications.

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