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Decode Your Baby's Cry Code

Decode Your Baby's Cry Code

It is difficult for a new mother to understand what babies ask for or try to say! The trick is to figure out what they talk to you first, before they become agitated. The codes below indicate what they are trying to say or expect from you:

Owh - I'm sleepy

Heh - Change me

Eh    - Burp me

Neh  - I'm hungry

Eairh - I'm uncomfortable

I'm hungry
Your little one has a tiny stomach which needs refilling very often. Listen and look for rhythmic, repetitive cry, combined with other signals such as sucking the fingers or the above codes that will help you understand better.

I'm Wet
For some babies, a soiled diaper is a surefire way to trigger tears. Check your baby's diaper often to make sure it is clean and dry.

I've got gas
Get ready for aggressive behavior or the intense screams. This can either be colic or the gas that's accumulated to be released through burping. This often occurs in the late afternoon or evening.

I'm sleepy
You'll hear a cry that starts slowly and builds in intensity. This is accompanied by yawns or eye-rubs.

I'm hot
If your baby is too hot, he/she is likely to be uncomfortable. The same goes for a baby who's too cold. Add or remove a layer of clothing as needed.

I'm stressed out
If your baby is bad tempered, he/she may try to turn her head or body away from over stimulating sights or sounds.

Paying more attention and spending quality time with your kid will help you pick up cues from a particular code.

Now, you can say that your baby is actually speaking to you!


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