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Demystifying your pregnancy concerns - I

Demystifying your pregnancy concerns - I

Health Team (HT) :  What is the right age to conceive?
Dr. Pushpalatha (Doc): The right age to conceive depends on several factors. However, if we consider today's trend of stress at work and family life, one should decide to plan for a baby at the earliest. As per my knowledge, for women 23-34 years and for men 27 - 30 years should be an ideal time to plan to have a family.

Health Team (HT) : Is there a need to see a doctor before (and after) the first intercourse to talk about conception?
Dr. Pushpalatha (Doc) : Yes, one needs to meet the doctor before the first intercourse. A doctor can ease out the fear of sex and even clear out doubts related to conception.

HT :  Why does the hymen rupture for some women even before sex? Is this normal?
Doc : Yes, a hymen rupture is normal and it is due to strenuous physical activities like exercises, cycling etc.

HT : Can bleeding during intercourse cause any kind of infection to me or my partner?
Doc : Bleeding during intercourse will not cause any kind of problem to either of the partners.

HT :  How safe are contraceptive pills and how does one decide the safe dosage?
Doc : Contraceptive pills are safe, but the dosage has to be decided by the doctor. It usually depends on age, weight, previous conception etc.

HT :  Which method of contraception is better? Condoms or oral contraceptives?
Doc : All family planning methods have advantages and disadvantages. Condoms have 25% of failure rates, and oral contraceptives should be taken regularly for 21 days. It depends on what the couple wants to choose. Whichever option is chosen, it is better to take the doctor's advice.

HT :  Can a woman run an increased risk of breast cancer if she is unable to conceive?
Doc : Yes, studies show that women who do not conceive, have a greater risk to develop breast cancer.

HT :  Is having sex during pregnancy safe? If yes, which is the safe time?
Doc : Sexual activity in a low risk pregnancy should ideally be limited to the second trimester of pregnancy that is between 14-28 weeks. For cases of high risk pregnancy, it is best to avoid sex throughout pregnancy.

HT : Are there any specific tests that a woman should do before she plans her pregnancy?
Doc : In normal circumstances, there is no need for any test. But if you already have a thyroid problem or PCOD or any other pregnancy related problems, then respective tests will be necessary.

HT :  Should a pregnant woman use or avoid any specific type of footwear?
Doc : Soft, flat footwear is preferred over high heeled ones.

HT :  Are iron and folic acid supplements necessary for all women who are planning to conceive even if their diet provides them adequate amounts of these nutrients?
Doc : Yes, these supplements form a major role in compensating for the normal blood loss during delivery.

We would like to thank Dr. Pushpalatha.V.Aithal for her valuable inputs.
Dr. Pushpalatha.V.Aithal
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