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Demystifying your pregnancy concerns - II

Demystifying your pregnancy concerns - II

Health Team (HT)  : How important is colostrum for the baby?
Dr. Pushpalatha (Doc) : Colostrum is very important for the newborn, as it is the first source of immunity against infections.

HT :  Until when should breast feeding be continued?
Doc : Brest feeding can be continued for a year.

HT : When can I start giving foods other than breast milk?
Doc : When the baby is six months old, you can start with home foods like potato mash, banana, apple etc.

HT :  Drinking more water during lactation can reduce the amount of milk produced. How far is this statement true?
Doc : Drinking more water will prevent the lactating mother from getting dehydrated. It has got nothing to do with breast milk production.

HT : Can eating fruits and vegetables that the mother is allergic to lead to a cold and cough in the baby?
Doc : No, fruits and vegetables are beneficial sources of nutrition for babies. Most of the allergies will vanish when they are consumed.

HT : Does jaundice in new born and intake of turmeric have any connection?
Doc : Mother can include a normal amount of turmeric. They have no connection.

HT :  Is it safe for a sick mother to continue breast feeding her new born?
Doc : It is not safe in all conditions. It depends on what kind of an allergy/infection the mother is experiencing. If it is mild fever/cough/cold, then breast feeding can be continued. If it is a major one, then a doctor's advice will be important.

HT :  Could you throw some light on storage of breast milk and its safety?
Doc : Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator, and before feeding the child, it can be brought back to room temperature. You could ask your doctor for more details about the containers for storage and the temperature at which it should be stored.

HT : If one stops breastfeeding, will it cause them to double their weight?
Doc : No, if the mother maintains her diet and exercises regularly, she need not increase her weight irrespective of her breast feeding schedule.

HT :  What foods can be given to an infant while breastfeeding?
Doc : Any kind of cereal or pulse can be given in cooked and mashed form. Fruits and vegetables can also be a good choice.

HT :  How good are products like Cerelac and Nan?
Doc : They are good, safe, and can be a valuable source of nutrition for babies.

HT :  How good are milk supplements?
Doc : Milk supplements are a good choice to make only if the mother is unable to produce milk due to several reasons.

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