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Diet Consultation? Know What to Ask Your Nutrition Expert!

Diet Consultation? Know What to Ask Your Nutrition Expert!

What does diet mean?

What comes to your mind when you catch the term?

“Starving oneself” or “following a restricted eating regimen.”

That’s for most. And it’s precisely not this. Diet is a “healthy” way of eating, incorporating an adequate measure of nutrition into your everyday regimen.

Let me tell you something fascinating! One of the primary reasons for the origin of chronic diseases and ailments is the improper food we consume. And even if it’s not unhealthy, the “how” and “when” of eating makes a lot of difference, too.

What should you be asking your nutritionist?

It is wonderful how food can aid in healing our body. Then, why do we create so much fuss about eating the right way?

Planning to go see a nutritionist?

Fear not, we have covered a few essential questions you should ask your dietitian during consultation-

  • What should be the components of my diet? 

Why- Everyone's body is different with different needs. For example, if you are allergic to certain foods, your diet will be drafted accordingly.

  • When and how many times should I eat?

Why- Diet will vary depending on your occupation, lifestyle practices. E.g., irregular shifts, field jobs, etc.

  • Ask for the importance of nutrients.

Why- For awareness, to help make consumption easy.

  • Ask for the seasonal fruits and veggies.

Why- They are easy to get and higher in nutritional value.

  • Ask for healthy cooking practices, as in how should you cook your food?

Why- Knowing about cooking tools is essential. For example, cooking in aluminum works as a slow poisoning for your body.

  • What are the combinations I should eat in?

Why- Know about the various food combinations you can and should take. E.g., dairy foods and iron-rich foods; should not be consumed together.

  • Ask about the Sources of micro and macronutrients.

Why- For awareness, to help make consumption easy.

If a diet doesn't seem doable, you can always ask for an alternative. Try for a couple of days and then decide accordingly.

 "The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food"- Hippocrates.

Happy Eating!

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