Division Of Work At Home By New Dads

  • 108 Months ago
Division Of Work At Home By New Dads

When a woman is giving birth, the father is often at a loss for what to do. When the delivery is over, he is often overwhelmed and unsure of how he can best help his wife and new baby.

When the baby is tiny and newborn, the mother may have difficulty getting the baby to start feeding, and may feel upset and worried that she can't do it. Reassure her as much as she needs, try to offer practical help (like fetching extra pillows to support her and/or the baby).

1. Show your presence - It is advisable that you sit closely with your child during and after feeds. Help changing the kid's diapers. This will bring in bondage to the family as a provider and protector.

2. Take care of the laundry for Mother and Child- Laundry becomes unbearable for a new mother, especially in few days after delivery. Help to wash a couple of loads when you see the opportunity.

3. Get your kid vaccinated - when your wife is tired or unwell; take the child for vaccination to the hospital which can lower her work.

4. Surprise her with some healthy food - Try to make simple foods that can bridge a huge difference in the house. Provide her with some fresh juices/soups etc. Ask her what she wants and try to get a recipe out of it. You can also speak to her on its preparations.

5. Talk to your wife - A new mother is always at risk for depression and other difficulties after delivery.  Knowing that you are available and love them is the key.

6. Initiate sex - Having sex after having a baby is different with every woman. Some women are ready immediately and others need some time to get back to normal in this area. Discuss with your wife to initiate this so that she feels no pressure to do so.

7. Keep up with the stressors in your lives - Stress is something that can sincerely distract a mother who is trying to raise an infant. Take on the bills and other normal day to day stress so that she can focus on being a mum and recovering from the ordeal of being pregnant.

8. Secure a babysitter and plan a romantic night away - It is very hard to do this when a baby is an infant, but time away together is vital. You simply must find a trusted sitter or family member so that you can nurture one another.

9. Baby proof your living space - This can be done before the kid turns 1 year. It includes covering outlets, gating stairs, moving cleaning chemicals to higher shelves-addressing all possible hazards within reach of a curious toddler.

10. Try to allow her to rest as much as possible. Arrange for her to have naps during the day by having a newborn in your hands.

Dads, Is that asking for too much??