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Do Not Squeeze Yourself Into Those Tight Jeans!

Do Not Squeeze Yourself Into Those Tight Jeans!

Are you one of those who love to try out new designer jeans in the market that claim to make you look attractive? There is absolutely no harm in trying and picking one in which you feel absolutely comfortable. But the problem is when you start squeezing yourself into a wrong fitting jean size just to make yourself feel slimmer or try to flaunt yourself in those slim jeans just to show that you can still "fit into your old jeans"!

Neurologists say that tight and skin-fitting jeans can cause nerve damage called Meralgia Paresthetica (MP). This condition causes pressure on the nerve of the thigh causing pain and a tingling sensation in that area. If you are obsessed to improve your figure with those tight fitting jeans, then the fact is it can actually lead to a disfiguring condition called lipoatrophia semicircularis. It is a condition that can lead to skin depression due to atrophy of subcutaneous tissue (tissue lying beneath your skin) and undesirable pressure on your thighs.

Clinched clothing is also known to cause abdominal discomfort, bladder infections, contact dermatitis, vaginal infections and even blood clots in females. It can cause abdominal pain after meals and interfere with bowel movements. In men, it is known to cause, genital stress and fertility problems as well.

Do not blame the jeans. Be sensible with your ‘Jeans'.....

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