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Do You Have Itchy Skin?

Do You Have Itchy Skin?

When you itch, you scratch! Having itchy skin is an irritating sensation that can make scratching irresistible. Itchy skin, also known as Pruritis can be due to a number of reasons. It may be the result of a rash or another condition such as psoriasis, or a symptom of an intestinal disease such as kidney failure. Hence, it is important to identify the underlying cause for itchy skin.

Itchy skin can occur without any noticeable changes as well and can be associated with bumps, blisters, redness, rough skin or leathery texture to the skin (Neurodermatitis). At times, itchiness lasts for a long time and can be extreme. As you scratch the area, it gets itchier. And the more it itches, the more you scratch and to break this itch-scratch cycle can be tricky.

Anyone can get Pruritis, although some people may be more susceptible to this condition such as:

• Pregnant women
• The elderly
• Diabetics
• People with seasonal allergies such as eczema, asthma or hay fever
• Those with HIV/AIDS and different types of cancers

The best way to prevent Pruritis is to take good care of your skin. In order to protect your skin:

• Use skin creams, moisturizers and lotions to prevent dryness
• Don't take steamy showers
• Use sun screens on a regular basis to prevent sunburns and skin damage
• Use a soap that won't irritate your skin
• Avoid certain fabrics such as synthetics and wool as these can make your skin itch

Consult a dermatologist if:

• Itching lasts for more than two weeks and doesn't improve with self care measures
• It affects the whole body
• Itching is extremely severe and interferes with your daily routine and prevents you from sleeping
• Itching is accompanied by extreme tiredness, weight loss, changes in bowel habits, fever or redness of the skin

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