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Do You Visit the Toilet After every Meal?!

Do You Visit the Toilet  After every Meal?!

It may sound uncommon, but yes, many individuals experience this problem. Many a times it can be embarrassing for some that, as soon as they eat, their stomach starts growling and they need to head towards the toilet. To avoid such a situation, many avoid eating at any important appointments, meetings or when they are at a social gathering. While some may misinterpret that they might be suffering from a digestive disorder like Irritable bowel syndrome, here is what you should know. Why does this happen? Is it normal or abnormal?? Read on to understand what happens....

As soon as you eat something, motility increases in your digestive tract. Food passes through the stomach and enters the small intestine. The entry of food into the small intestine sends signals through it to move the stool more rapidly down the intestine. And, if you have just eaten food some time back, then the activity of the intestines would increase. This activity is due to a normal reflex your body displays called the "gastro-colic reflex" in response to food in the intestines. After the digestion and absorption of food, the waste is eliminated.

This is the general process of digestion, absorption and elimination of waste in your body. If this routine doesn't happen on a daily basis but follows a different time pattern such as, twice a week or twice a day since your childhood, it is normal. Do not interpret this as being a medical condition because that is how your body has adapted itself to the process.
Remember that bowel habits of every individual are different. There is absolutely no problem as long as your bowel movements are consistent. But the problem is when there is an inconsistency in your bowel movements. Suddenly, if your visits to the loo increases or decreases then you need to worry about the cause. It can be an indication of some infection, indigestion, mal- absorption or a symptom of any other medical condition.

So, if you notice any inconsistency in your bowel habits see a physician and get your stool tested to diagnose the underlying condition.

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