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Do you have cracked feet?

Do you have cracked feet?

Cracked feet are a sign of lack of proper foot care. The skin on this area is usually dry as there are no oil glands in the skin of the feet. This problem can occur in any person but is more common among those who are diabetic or aged.

The causes of cracked feet include:

• Being overweight can exert pressure on the feet making them expand, leading to cracked feet
• Aging causes loss of natural oils resulting in the dry skin which tends to crack
• Medical conditions such as thyroid problems, psoriasis, athlete's foot, and diabetes
• Continuous exposure to water
• Standing for a long time
• Having naturally dry skin

Here's what you can do to prevent cracked feet:

• Use natural oils or creams to keep the skin moisturized
• Use mild soaps while bathing
• Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated
• Wear right fitting shoes which will allow your feet to breathe
• Avoid using products containing alcohol as they will worsen dry skin
• Use baby oil as it is mild and does not contain any skin irritants

If you experience pain, severe itching, bleeding or discharge from the cracked areas, contact a dermatologist!

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