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Eat To Live

Eat To Live

Don't live to eat. The right food, in the right quantity, will leave you healthy and young.

Ten Super Foods And Drinks

Broccoli  :Fights cancer. It is a mood enhancer, protects the immune system and detoxifies the liver and digestive system. Rich in beta carotene (a red-orange pigment found in plants and fruits) and vitamin B and C.

Tomato :Reduces risk of heart disease and cancer, improves mental and physical capabilities as we age, provides vitamin C and potassium. A good source of lycopene (a phytochemical considered effective in protection against prostate cancer).

Oats: Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Stimulates the thyroid gland, stabilises blood sugar (and hence lowers the risk of diabetes), relaxes the mind. Contains vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Yoghurt: Supports immune system against bad bacteria, protects the heart, safeguards the urinary system from infections and lowers cholesterol.

Oily Fish Lowers risk of clotting, reduces inflammation, reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, strengthens immune system and provides calcium, vitamin D, E.

Apples and Pears :Cleanses digestive system, reduces inflammation and cholesterol, boosts thyroid function and provides beta carotene, vitamin A, C, folic acid (a vitamin B), magnesium and fibre.

Garlic: Fights colds and viruses, reduces cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation and cleanses the liver.

Green Tea: A powerful anti-oxidant full of polyphenols, it fights cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, prevents heart disease and tooth decay. Reduces cholesterol, fights infections and boosts immune system.

Cabbage :Fights cancer and bacteria, boosts immune system, improves skin, functioning of the liver and digestive system.

Water: Carries nutrients of all the above to the organs that need it, nourishes cells, lubricates joints, maintains blood volume, eliminates toxins and waste, prevents skin from overheating.


Reproduced from Outlook Business's Wellness Column by Rachna Chhachhi

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