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Eustress - Stress that is good for you!

Eustress - Stress that is good for you!

I'm sure most of us have heard that stress is bad and can hamper your health. What if I tell you that a little amount of stress is also good for you? Yes, you read that right and that kind of stress is referred to as "Eustress". Eustress is stress that gives you a feeling of success, fulfilment or any other positive feeling. For instance, the stress you feel when competing in a contest for which you are very well prepared or when you are engaged in a challenging job that you simply enjoy.

So why is Eustress important?

Without eustress, we wouldn't be able to deal with the excitement or challenges in our lives. Our pulse quickens, our hormones change and there is no threat or fear at that point of time. This kind of stress also reminds us that we can view many of the stressors in our lives as challenges rather than threats, thus having extra vital energy to fight these stressors without feeling besieged or miserable.

However, eustress doesn't usually carry the same type of damage as chronic stress, but keep in mind that too much of anything can strain your system and hence, it's important to strike a balance in your life.

Eustress improves your functioning and is good for you as it makes you feel more interested, energetic and affianced with life!

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