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Excited About Being A Father?

Excited About Being A Father?

Congratulations! You are going to be a father soon! You must be recollecting these words said by your doctor over and over again, and it seems to be giving you the same excitement every time you repeat it in your mind. It's a different feeling from the excitement of getting a higher post or buying your dream car or house! This is a feeling to share with your partner, because you have done it together and she is probably feeling the same....Here is what you could do with her to make this most memorable for the two of you....
1. Go out together! Choose a favourite holiday place, restaurant or just about anything that makes her feel special. If she is not up to socializing, change plans. Do something fun at home, cook dinner for her or invite her close friends or family. It would mean a lot to her. Cravings and aversions might be common for her. Stay sensitive to her needs and likes and you will be a great sense of support to her.

2. This is the time to use your leaves: Your wife will definitely need some help at home especially if she is alone. You may need to spend more time to comfort her, pamper her and take care of her if she has morning sickness. Do not forget to take a look at her company's pregnancy policies too.

3. Start working out your financial needs: Set a realistic budget right now! With pregnancy, comes a whole new set of expenses. Your cash flow is going to be affected by medical expenses for your wife and baby products in the future. It would be smart for you to put things in place at an earlier time.

4. Find a new job: A home job! Try helping your wife with the laundry, shopping or washing the dishes. It will be of great relief to her. Choose a job that is physically demanding for her, so she can do something that is less demanding and give her body some rest.

5. It's time to spread the news! Think about who you want to let in on the secret and who needs to wait for a couple of weeks to hear the news. The excitement about having a baby may overwhelm you so much that you would probably want the whole world to know the secret right away!

6. Get romantic, even if you are not! Get a little nostalgic, fall in love again, tell your wife about how you fell in love with her, your first date, and how you feel about becoming parents. In the coming weeks, your relationship will undergo unique challenges. It's wise to expend a little energy reinforcing the foundation now.

Hey, we understand that it's hard to contain your excitement, but don't forget that your wife deserves every bit of love and pampering at this point! Begin this journey by caring for her and share every feeling with her! It's worth it!


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