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Exercise:The mantra to staying young

Exercise:The mantra to staying young

Everybody worries about aging but did you know we can slow down the aging process?

Physical activity helps produce endorphins which are feel-good molecules. They help to relieve pain, reduce stress, boost immunity, delay the onset of wrinkles, create a sense of euphoria and yes, it slows down the aging process. One of the first signs of aging is wrinkles, the onset of which can be delayed by regular exercise.

Exercises come with several other health benefits. Walking is a simple and effective exercise for a beginner. Studies have proven that women who walk regularly for 20 minutes in a day, have a lower risk of strokes as compared to women who don't.

Regular exercise makes your everyday tasks feel easier. Including strength exercises helps in maintaining blood sugar and weight by helping in muscle building and improving metabolism.

Stretching and endurance exercises give freedom of movement and helps build endurance.

Start exercising for 10 minutes at least 5 days a week and gradually increase it to 15 and 30 minutes. Make sure you enjoy what you do and give your body enough time to adjust to your routine.

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