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Fairness Obsession Decoded

Fairness Obsession Decoded

 Fairness is an obsession especially among the women. A few glaring examples for this obsession is a girl getting rejected for marriage because of dusky complexion or not getting selected in an interview because of her skin color! Fairness cream is still one of the top selling cosmetics in India. It is not just fairness creams and advertisements for face that are cashing on Indians' obsession for fairness, but also fairness and freshness products for the private parts of women!

 Why should you not choose these fairness creams and cosmetics? Because these skin lightening creams and soaps and also eye makeup products like mascara contain mercury. Mercury salts inhibit melanin formation resulting in skin lightening. The WHO also warns that mercury from these products may eventually enter the environment through the discharged waste water and get converted to methylated mercury. Methylmercury in fish, when consumed by pregnant women may cause serious neurological defects to the fetuses. Inorganic mercury can also damage the kidneys; reduce the skin's resistance to infections, cause anxiety, depression, psychosis and also peripheral neuropathy. Chemicals in wash products for women can also upset the naturally occurring bacterial flora in vagina, making it more prone to infections. In fact, vagina has natural cleansing system and odor as a part of cleansing process. So remember to read the labels.

Women, it is high time we put our foot down and stop the sales of skin lightening and cleaning products. These products are just giving false hope and making you more vulnerable. Come out of the fairness obsession and be proud of what you are...

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