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Fear of Sex For A New Dad

Fear of Sex For A New Dad

Fear about sex for a new dad is very common. For a new dad, his wife's health will always be a priority and taking charge of this concern is extremely important to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife.

Here are a few fears which new dads can experience:
1.How long should I wait before having sex again?
2.What if she conceives again?
3.Does it pain too much after child birth?
4.Should I use a condom or she needs to take a birth control pill?
5.Your wife doesn't seem to be interested in sex any more. Are you doing something wrong?
6.How do I bring back my wife into a good mood and keep her relaxed?

There is nothing wrong to think about sex after pregnancy. But it is always important to know the right information and then go ahead. Sex sounds like a sensitive issue after delivery. Talk to your doctor about it in detail. Take your wife along; let her also clear her doubts about it.

Do not worry; everything will fall back in its place very soon!


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