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Fetal Movements and Baby Kicks!

Fetal Movements and Baby Kicks!

Eagerly waiting for your baby's first kick? Concerned about your baby's movements? Feeling your baby move inside you, is the most beautiful feeling for any mother. However, fetal movements are different in each pregnancy. But still the moms-to-be are given an idea of how it would feel like when the baby moves inside their womb.

Generally most women can feel baby movements between 16 to 22 weeks. Though baby's hands and legs are developed, ‘kicks' are very mild to be felt until second trimester.
The range of movements varies from baby to baby. Some are active, while some are not. 'Quickening' is the term used to describe the feeling which mothers have while the baby moves. In the early weeks, it can be like flutters and the progressing to feelings like butterflies in stomach, tickling and tapping movements. As the baby grows, and movement increases, strong fetal kicks can be felt.

Fetal activity depends on sound, sleep, time of the day, mother's activity level. Around 28 weeks, most of the doctors recommend tracking the baby's movement.

How to record fetal movements?
Count baby's movements each day at the same time. Pick up a time, when your baby is most active. It is ideal to count baby's movement when you are laying on the side. You should count 10 movements in 10 hours. This method is useful from third trimester, as prior to this, movements may be inconsistent.

Lack of movement can be bothersome. If your baby is having a sleepy day, you can get her moving with few tricks. One of them is orange juice. A glass of orange juice has a quick effect on the baby and you should be able to feel movements within a few minutes of drinking this juice. If you still don't feel the movement, don't panic. Try other strategies. Lay on your left side in a quiet room and observe the movements. Or just jostle your belly gently to encourage movement.

When to notify the doctor?
If your attempts to get your baby moving do not work or you notice sudden decline in the movement, contact your gynecologist. She will ask you to come to the clinic to monitor the baby's heart rate.
In such cases, never delay visiting your Gynecologist. Nothing is important than your little one. It is better to be safe always.

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