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Fitness during Pregnancy

Fitness during Pregnancy

Before you get started with exercise during pregnancy, keep the below pointers in mind.

Take it easy: Too exhausted to exercise for 30 minutes or more? Break it up into two sessions of 15 minutes each. If you are a beginner, start with small sessions of 5 to 10 minutes a day and gradually move up the time ladder. Do not forget your warm up and cool down exercise sessions. Be alert and listen to your body. If you are short of breath, hot or tired, relax and take it slow the next time.

Slow your pace: As your baby grows, your lungs and heart have to work harder. As long as you are able to talk comfortably while exercising, you are keeping a good pace. When you are closer to your due date, you might feel more exhausted. At such times, try doing slow-paced exercises such as simple stretching or strength training.

Take precautions: With evident changes in your body, you are prone to injuries. So, know the exercises that require jerking, bouncing and exercises that involve a higher impact on your joints. Do not change your positions quickly. Standing up quickly can make you dizzy as your center of gravity changes with your growing belly. This could make it easier for you to lose balance and fall.

Be alert on high temperature: Your body temperature is generally higher when you are pregnant. Getting overheated can be dangerous for your baby, especially in your first trimester. Do not over exercise to sweat profusely. Do not exercise on hot or humid days.

Replenish yourself with lots of fluids before, during and post exercise. Avoid sauna or hot tubs, as these could further raise your temperature. Exercise with caution!

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